We Are Lawn Care & Maintenance Professionals

Your yard is our profession, and like any profession, it is important to not only produce results, but to have the education and experience to do job right the first time. To insure quality service, Steel Trees Lawn Care and Maintenance Department is led by a Michigan State University Turf Management graduate that not only has the passion to make you yard thrive year around, but the education to guarantee quality results.

Steel Tree Lawn Service Includes

  • Pristine Straight Line Mowing
  • Weed whip to level all the hard to get to places
  • Precision Edging to driveway, sidewalk and curve line
  • Yard debris pick up
  • Finish clean by our powerful top of the line blowers.

Flex Packages and Bundling Options

Our mission is to keep costs affordable to those we serve. To make this happen, we offer flex packages with multiple service add on options that give you the opportunity to create a custom service plan to meet all your desired needs. When you add additional services to your lawn care plan, Steel Tree will provide any add on service at a discount rate. The more services you add, the more money you save and most importantly, the better your yard will look!

Add On Discounted Services

  • Spring Clean-Up
  • Fall Clean-Up and Leaf Removal
  • Plant and Shrub Trimming and Shaping
  • Garden Overgrowth Management
  • Yard Rolling
  • Yard Aeration
  • Garden Bed Clean-Up
  • Garden Bed Redefining
  • Weed Control
  • Gutter Clean Out
Don’t see a service you are looking for on the list? Just ask! If we cannot take care of it, we can refer you to someone who can!